New Town A-listed refurbishment

Refurbishment of an A-listed Edinburgh New Town office.

This solicitor’s office dates from 1790 in Edinburgh’s West End. It is an example of an original New Town building. It had not been modernised and required complete refurbishment, including rewiring and the addition of central heating, full redecoration as well as new kitchen and toilet facilities. The works required listed building consent prior to making the building warrant application.

Traditional style column radiators have been located under windows to create a warm air curtain and improve occupant comfort. This has the added benefit of freeing up wall space. The internal doors were rehung to open into the room and new wall and ceiling lights fitted. A modern alarm system has also been installed.

The original sash windows will be re-corded and the frames rebated to accept draught excluder strips to minimise air infiltration. The shutters have been overhauled and put back into use. These measures utilise the existing building fabric to greatly reduce heat loss.

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